Fishing With Uncle Randy


I got out of town early after taking the dogs, Alice & Cooper on there regular 2 mile run.  Made all my regular stops before getting to Pegleg's house by 10AM.  Found him ready to go for a change. Tippy waiting, barking, ready also, as I pulled in.  Loaded the electric wheel chair by myself again.  We blasted off for the lake.  Rumors had it that retired Bob had been out to Lake Waldschmidt slaughtering channel cats with stinkbait.  If you remember I don't allow Pegleg to splatter it everywhere, anymore.  I picked up a dozen worms just so we would have some kind of bait while we tried to get our Therapy.    The last few weeks I've been taking minnows but haven't had much luck catching any.  We have been carrying our FOSH cards and perfect timing three weeks back when we ran across little Ben Black's camp.  He showed us a full bag of fresh caught frog legs.  We explained that is wasn't season until July 1st and he must hide until frozen and bring back for us to eat.  Pegleg almost just took them away from the poor little guy.  With promise's that he would return with them we let them go home with the illegal catch.  We showed up the following week with propane fish fryer and so did he with his catch.  Five of us sat around eating frog legs until we couldn't eat anymore.  Never have I pushed away frog legs before.  Even the game warden came by and thought it was the biggest batch he had ever seen.  With threats of cooking them e-mailed to several we were surprised we didn't have more help to eat all of them.    We have been eating real good this year, but not catching much.  Lucky Tuesday only comes once a week or would be gaining weight.  Only chips this week I put worms on both rods.  Fishing off the dock on the East end I laid my pole down with the hook in the water to wash the worm guts off my hands.  My bobber went straight under, right beside my splashing hands!  I brought a half pound highbred red ear sunfish.  Wow, that was fast and my other bobber was bouncing.  Missed it and both rods needed new worms from the worm stealing little bastards.  I get everything re-baited up and throw out to the middle to see if any bass or channel cats might want some.  BAM!, Bobber goes under down into the moss and it feels like something big enough to clean.  Two pounds of moss covering up a very small red again, released.  All day long both poles were getting bites.  I would catch one then pick up my other rod and catch another.  Red Ear Sunfish sitting on the moss nesting full of eggs couldn't wait until I would throw in another worm.  The only time I could relax and get any Therapy was when I didn't have a worm in the water.    I released as many as I kept.  The biggest was twice as long as a beer can and must have been two inches thick across her back.  I thought perch fishing was just for kids!  As soon as I sat the hook I had to reel in as fast as I could.  They would run towards the bank and you couldn't hardly feel them until they were right up to the dock, unless they dove into the moss.    Running out of time I started to clean the fish and had Pegleg watch the poles.  Before I make the first cut he starts yelling he has one.  Stuck in the moss I have to help he horse it in.  Pegleg even catches one!  I clean Twelve on my stringer and the one he caught.  Make a nice sack estimated when I showed around later at three pounds.    I called Marti as soon as I got back to town and told her not to fix supper.  The great fisherman has returned and were having fish for supper.  We fried on the patio in the fish cooker and ate almost all of them before dark.  Now that's fun.  Only thing left to show everyone around town was my sunburn and some pictures.   Fishing with Uncle Randy.


Everyone has been complaining they want to read a fishing report.  I'm kind of busy most of the time, thought my good buddy Steve would pick up the slack, but no.  We still have been making it to the lake just about every Tuesday and trying to get all the Therapy we can stand.  On weekends I've had some other friends helping get my boat finished and ready to launch.  Oh,and of course there is the regular gig of Auctioneering, running the shop, and keeping up with normal honey-do's around the house.   With some help from Big Mike, Howard, a forklift operator and other supervision we sat my new Chrysler 380 Magnum Summit stroker motor into my boat in March.  Mike, Howard and I have been getting everything else hooked up and checked out.  Still not charging but we have two batteries and decided it was time to take it out for a maiden voyage. Previous boat owner had promised every pirate in the county a fishing/boat trip and most wanted to come and watch the launch.  Some had wondered if my truck would pull the Tin Can (boats name)to the lake or back up the boat ramp when time to leave.  With high hopes we hooked up the Tin Can and F. Dan Hunt, one eyed Roger and I pulled out of town with Big Mike and Sue who were celebrating 25th wedding anniversary following.  We pulled into Pegleg's with Tippy standing there barking and waiting to go.  Steve had Kathy (George) Bruce ready to come out with him.  We split up and put half in his truck and added another to our convoy.  We arrived at Lake Waldschmidt around 11AM., wind blowing 10-20 MPH, 75 degrees and warming up.  Soon the rest of the crew started showing up.  Big Ken with his wife Kay had Insane Loraine with them.  Kevin Lawless and Dude Travis pulled in next, Tammie and her two smallest kids, King Kirk rode in on his BMW followed by his wife The Big Cin and daughter-in-law and grandkids.   Time to test fire before sitting it in the lake, the throttle control came unbolted from behind the wall.  Of course the seat and bench in the way so we couldn't get to it.  We worked on it for about an hour with lots of jeering from the crowd about wanting to see it in the water.  We started it up so they could hear and admire the rumble while running the throttle by hand on the carburetor.  Next we backed the boat into the lake still hooked to the trailer to check out the jet drive.  Everything looked and sounded pretty good except minor adjustments to carburetor to keep running.  If we could run it this way on the trailer why not take it out and give it a try with Big Mike running the throttle from the back of the boat while I would be driving.  We unhooked the Tin Can from the trailer and launched.  Half of the pirates loaded up in the boat while the other half sat on bank with doubts we knew what we were doing...When did that ever stop us.  I went over the bow to push us away from shore as Big Mike was keeping the motor running.  I told One-eyed Roger to back us out.  Just as I pushed off it went in reverse and before I could step up onto the bow it pulled me in.  Hanging on to the railing around the front they weren't going on the maiden voyage without the captain.  They threw it into forward and jetted towards the middle of the lake.  I'm hanging on the front and all the can see is my white knuckles and head stick up.  From shore they are yelling "mutiny, they are trying to kill the captain".  Stopped I work my way around the side when I feel my wallet and check book still in my back pockets starting to work there way out.  Pull me over the side quick!  Everyone moves to one side of the boat.  Big Mike yells not everyone move to the same side at once.  Kevin and Travis manage to get my big wet ass pulled over the side with only bruises.  Now back in the captain seat I'm worn out.  Everything laid on the dash to dry out we start out again.  We make the first trip up towards the dam and circle around back toward the crew so they can see how we are doing.  We decided to see how thing operate with a little more throttle.  When in doubt give it the gas... The fresh water jet cooling line comes apart at a hose clamp and starts shooting water all the way up to the front of the boat.  Of course I don't know what has happened yet and figure the back transom has just caved in and we are about to sink.  As soon as we shut off the motor it quits pumping water into the boat, most all pirates are wet now.  We hook everything back up, make another lap around the lake and go back to camp.  Pulling up to the boat dock I realize the throttle controls and forward/reverse controls must be binding up and make rougher than expected stop.  Back on shore everyone is very impressed by my eagerness to ride along on the maiden voyage and some took pictures (I haven't seen yet).  All seem hesitant to go on next trip.  Meanwhile King Kirk and F. Dan have started the fish fryer under the cowling for my boat motor as a wind block and cutting board.  Fire turned up as high as it will go and the oil is about to flash then burn through my cowling as I walk up.  I get it turned down in time but some fish and oil is burnt.  Lots of fish to cook by the eighth or tenth batch it starts tasting real good.  Some pirates of had to leave but other are now ready to have a ride now they have starting getting enough therapy.  Pegleg still wouldn't get in.  Everyone else who wanted to go loads up and we start the boat.  Only a few feet from the dock it dies and the wind starts blowing us towards rocks, mud, moss and the shore.  I jump back in what looks like a foot of water and sink in mud up to knees.  Big Mike and King Kirk get the battery cable tightened back down and I get back in and are ready to go.  Another nice lap or two around the lake and we pull the boat onto the trailer.  Sounds easier than it was. Everyone yelling hit reverse, go right, go left, stop, forward, mutiny, ect... Only few minor dings, no broken bones, I'm exhausted.  Luckily everything went OK.  Arrived home late, stressed, not enough Therapy for me, told Marti the boat was for sale.  Changed my mind by morning, remembering all the fun. Fishing with Uncle Randy. Next time we may take our rods....

Year End Report 2002 

  Giant fish were caught this year, and maybe the most I've seen taken out of the lake in quite a while.  Some of this credit or blame can be passed on to F.Dan Hunt who was always pressuring us to fish.  Steve, Tippy and I out at Lake Waldschmidt just trying to get some much needed Therapy and relax from a stressful week.  F. Dan always has to get there first or jump out and race to catch the first one of the day.  Luckily he's not very lucky or don't know where the fish are because I usually get the first fish of the day.  Then of course we are racing to see who can catch the most.  Sometimes Pegleg and I just hang out around the truck and cuss F. Dan for trying to crowd in to close.  But when he finds a school of crappies it's back to business and I'll give his a run for the money on who'll catch the most.  Most of the time he goes out a day early and stays a day longer than we do, so he probably does catch the most.  Of course then we always are trying to catch the biggest, and I always win that one.  While fishing for game fish F. Dan will try and count some old catfish as the biggest but that will never fly.  One day we went fishing and found F.Dan with a giant bass and I thought how would I beat this?  Then the little girl came back by and ask if F.Dan was going to eat the giant bass she had given him...And then there is the Wildlife: On the way to the lake we cross two rivers, three creeks and several pastures with always all kinds of wildlife hanging around.  Then we get out to the lake and the wildlife just starts showing up from everywhere; Big Mike, boating Vic, Gibson for San Diego, Hartman brothers from Texas, KJB and Rick (I've been wondering where they were from), little Al, Bonehead, King Kirk, Yahoo, Yeahoo, Boydski, nephew's, niece's, lots of others and some of our wives.  We always enjoy our special guest appearances.  While out at the lake we have to have lunch and you should see some of the gourmet meals we've had.  F.Dan is the champ of fixing surprise lunches that are always great.  Just don't ask what it may be or you may not finish it.  I've sure ate more turtle this year than ever before.  Two weeks ago Bonehead came along and crawled up this little persimmon tree, shook it until most of the persimmons fell off.  We took them home and Steve's mother made us some award winning persimmon cookies to take with us this week for lunch.  We went out to Grouse Creek this week and pulled into the first bridge area and sitting across the creek in a tree was an American Bald Eagle.  We watched as he flew up and down the creek but didn't see him catch any fish.  All in all another good year of fishing and Therapy, hope you'll come out and see us and do a little fishing sometime. Fishing with Uncle Randy.



October Fishing Report

Never seems to be enough time to sit down and write these fishing reports anymore.  I think it's been over a month since the last one and I just looked and Chrommie is still in the last one.  I've been going down and picking up Steve and making him go along with me out to the lake.  Every week he always says he doesn't feel like going anywhere and then the sun comes out and he looks over at his thermometer and grumbles and gets ready to go.  The last couple of weeks F. Dan Hunt has been riding down along with me.  I tell him I'll give him a fishing lesson but really just need a little help loading Steve's wheel chair.  I wouldn't want him to know all of my secrets.  Tippy is always standing in the driveway in the way as we pull in, barking and can't hardly get out of the way before I run her over.  She is always happy we are there and is ready to go to the lake.  My dogs are too much of a hand full to bring along...but, that will change before spring. Ever since Chrommie made us look bad catching that big bass F. Dan has been ready to tag along.  Only the new guy gets to fish in that hole and F. Dan hasn't been able to catch any for weeks.  I have skunked him by catching at least 2 bass every week.  Uncle Randy wins for the first, biggest, and the most all month.  Steve is always a big help telling F. Dan to get away from my bobber and not to try and crowd in where I'm catching them.  At least F. Dan can build a fire because the last couple of weeks it was kind of chilly.  He also found a persimmon (berry) tree and we picked some to take back to Steve's mother for us to have for persimmon butter next week.  Every week we think that it will be too rainy and cold and by the time we get out to Lake Waldschmidt it just turns off nice and we start soaking in our Therapy.   I have some new pictures but they are all of me catching and holding my fish, nothing different.  E-mail if you want me to send them to you.  Keep your line tight.  Fishing with Uncle Randy



How do you like this picture of me holding this four pound bass with my beer can in it's mouth?

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