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Fri. Dec. 9th 6:30pm

230 W 5th Belle Plaine KS.

Antique Springfield trap door 45-70 cal. with bayonet rifle, antique Remington pump 12 ga. shotgun, antique 410 ga. break over shotgun, Marlin model 81-DL semi-auto 22 cal. rifle, Marlin model 795 semi-auto 22 cal. with clip & sling rifle, New Chiappa model SAA 1873 single action 6 shot 22 cal. L.R. revolver with extra 22 magnum cylinder, Glock model 42 semi-auto 380 cal. Auto with extra magazine MIB, Noble model 60F pump 12 ga. shotgun, 9mm & 22 cal. ammunition, Buckmaster 2000 compound bow,  tree stand, new sausage stuffer, electric meat grinder, new pocket knives, 3 cowboy hats, 4 branding irons, 2 barn lanterns, calf wiener basket, 2 – 3 legged milk stools, metal milk stool, 3 way iron shoe lathe, 3 – 101 Ranch programs, 101 ranch bow tie, kerosene heater, military helmet, 17 clock keys, Shirley Temple book & photo, 7 shoe boxes of cancelled stamps, full page uncancelled stamps, commemorative stamps, proof & mint sets of coins, silver coins, metal Coca-Cola cooler by Acton mfg. in Ark City, primitive kitchenware, cookie cutters, scales, grinders, scoops, molds, wire baskets, red handle utensils, mixing bowls, stoneware, iron & metal pans, jars, enamelware, graniteware, wash board, 2 tubs, salt & peppers, table top tube clock radios, transistor radios, saxophone radio, flute, soprano recorder, accordion, stereo, frames, 2 iron door stops, iron ship book ends, Watts apple bowl, 12 pieces of Fenton jadeite, cook books, wood plates, wood boxes, printers drawer, portable bread & pie/cake safe, kitchen cabinet sugar canister, several unknown primitive kitchen tools, string holder, miniature iron boiler, miniature iron fireman’s helmet, 3 – HO scale train sets MIB, 5 Ertel tractors MIB, toy farm wagons, cars, games, sand pal, 5 Star Wars figurines & 3 ships all MIB, Hallmark Star Trek & other ornaments MIB, Christmas decorations, 3 motorcycle helmets, lamps, old tools, new Corelle dishes, Corningware, new e-cloud security system, 2 Oak rockers, heaters, dresser, hand & power tools, black leather jackets, wood rocking horse, DVD player, flat screen TV, 18 volt Ryobi drill with 2 batteries, Olympus digital camera, snow board, leaf blower, compound miter saw, full fishing tackle box, 4 new car batteries, chainsaws, DeWalt electric drill, tile cutter, air bubble, ramps, welder, dremel kit, silver & gold rings, much more.

Watch for videos on our Facebook page.

Check back for updated sale bill


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